This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The question you must answer

In Apocalyptic conflict, two powers will be unleashed: Gog and Magog. These represent, according to one Hebrew scholar, ‘one who exalts’ and ‘one who gathers’. We may interpret these as universal tendencies: that of the exaltation of the individual or the group as against other individuals or groups, and, on the other hand, the ‘gathering together’ of masses into a global uniformity as opposed to the recognition of any individual identity. Conceived in this way, we can see that the two tendencies in themselves are not evil but are evil when placed in opposition to one another in the context of a conflict.

If this way of imagining the conflict is correct, then we could expect to see two groups take form across the globe:

First, those who fight for ‘the one who gathers’, and this could look something like a ‘One World Government’ or, as we have it now, the final consequence of globalization.

Second, in opposition to the first, we have those who fight for the exaltation of their own selves or else the small ‘tribe’ with which they have identified. We could, with caution, point to the nationalists as examples of this tendency, not in the healthy sense of loving one’s country, but in the sense of placing one’s country, or one’s tribe, over and against all others and the rightful claims of all others to a mutual recognition of dignity.

In the present, we can see conflicts between these two groups or attitudes being carried out without end, and you yourself might sympathize with one or the other, depending on your temperament your and spiritual inclinations. But what is most important is to recall that both of these are forces of Apocalypse. They both serve the destruction of all things. One is not hero and the other villain: they are both servants of the Adversary.

The most important thing to recognize is that in the last age, and in the conflicts that will take center stage during this time, Satan will fight on all sides, and all sides will be, in the sense outlined above, fighting for Satan, regardless of how righteous they think their cause to be, and no matter how much they tout their lofty principles all the while.

The primary question you must always ask yourself before being drawn into any kind of political participation, or armed conflict, or any conflict at any level, is this:

What is the real war?

That is a question that few men can answer correctly. Most will rush into the fray, thinking that they fight on the side of Christ against Satan, and their enemies will think precisely the same thing, and they will tear one another apart in a counterfeit battle between pseudo-good and pseudo-evil. But Christ, as we see from the Scriptures, will not be involved, and does not need anyone to fight for Him in some Apocalyptic war. If such a war appears to be looming before you, and one side or the other extends its hand your way, beckoning you to a war to end all wars, you can rest assured that this is not Christ’s war, but is the fight of Gog against Magog whose purpose is not right or wrong, but death plain and simple, and this is precisely what it will achieve.

Again I say to you, and please never forget it: in the end, Satan fights on all sides by utilizes all means.

Where then, can you fight without fear of throwing your life away in the service of the very one you wish to defeat? We can again refer to the famous Hadith of the Prophet, who upon returning from battle said ‘we return from the Lesser Jihad to the Greater Jihad’, which is to say, from the more external, superficial conflict to the real, inner conflict that takes place within every living man, and which is the one fight wherein we can say truly that Christ is with us, and in us, and fighting in our favor. To discern what this means in terms of inner spiritual development as well as its expression in actual conduct in life, we will explore a number of subjects and ideas in the sections that follow.

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