This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The relativity of the esoteric

A helpful symbol in this regard is that of Jacob’s Ladder, which illustrates the spiritual ascent toward the Divine. What is important is that from the first rung, any progress will be progress into the esoteric and away from the surface which is after the first step the plan of exoterism. But what we discover is that each time we climb to a higher rung, the rung we leave behind is now ‘exoteric’ in relation to our new understanding, even though it previously belonging to esoterism. Thus, we can see that in this case the esoteric-exoteric distinction is mobile and dynamic and relative to our own journey, and the only thing static about esoterism is that we never possess it but only proceed further into it, and for this reason it is better seen as a movement than a body of actual knowledge. Moreover, we should point out that Revelation would here play the role of the Ladder, and again this serves to illustrate how there is nothing specifically esoteric or exoteric about it except that its whole purpose is to guide souls away from the one and toward the other.

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