This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The spiritual compromise is inherent in the human experience

It may sound as if we are painting an unfortunate picture of the warrior vocation, since we have said that it involves a necessary spiritual compromise. However, it may help things if we point out that this ‘necessary spiritual compromise’ is not at all specific to the warrior vocation but only takes on special significance in that context.

Anyone who must live ‘in the world’ and perform actions of any kind is constantly confronted with the necessity of this ‘compromise’, only to a somewhat lesser degree and with more mundane consequences. We have merely been describing a ‘compromise’ that is an aspect of daily life and, in the case of the sword, taken to its extreme.

As we have already said, anyone who insists on perfection will be frozen and useless and will be left at the mercy of circumstances. Likewise, the warrior who insists on perfection before acting will be left at the mercy of his enemies. We do not call for an abandoning of moral principles, but rather the honest admission of certain unpleasant facts about the moral life, first and foremost being that perfect conformity is not achievable while we live.

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