This Dark Age

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By Daniel Schwindt

The temptation of Adam and Eve

Although the Koran follows the biblical account of creation to some extent, one important divergence is on the details of the temptation that occurred in the garden.

In the Koran, Iblis tempted Adam and Eve together. It was not Eve who fell and then, in turn, tempted Adam to fall. Rather, they cooperated in the tasting of the ‘forbidden fruit’, which, interestingly, is wheat and not an apple.

It should go without saying that this minor difference in narrative has consequences. Any Christian knows the type of misogyny that can be produced in certain Christian circles where the biblical account is used to place undue blame on woman as a morally inferior being, not to mention leaving the way open for resentment against woman, and offering a ‘biblical’ justification for this resentment.

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