This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The values of modern civilization lead to the pursuit ‘equality’ between the sexes

The modern obsession with ‘equality’ is something that wreaks havoc on relations between the sexes, but it is not this alone with makes possible movements such as radical feminism. First, it was necessary for the modern world, with its unique values, to set the stage. For this particular world, what is valued is a very naturalistic and practical type of intelligence, on the one hand, and on the other a very basic set of physical attributes that can meet the demands of our industrial “push-button civilization.” When the important things in life are reduced to these, then the traditional insistence on a profound distinction between man and woman comes to be seen as unnecessary; and since, for modernity, only what is necessary is granted legitimacy, these distinctions come to be seen not simply as unnecessary but as evil impediments to “individual freedom.” We could say that the type of work which used to be fitting only for men has degenerated in such a way that now women can do it also, but that would not be precise: what we should say is that work in general has been perverted in such a way that it is fitting for neither man nor woman and reduces both to a kind of semi-intelligent overseer of industrial equipment, and that for this toil men and women are both equally unsuited but, for the sake of survival, forced to pursue with equal fervor. They have been made equal by destroying the concept of vocation. And as far as aptitudes go, women are generally just as able as men to degrade themselves in these rat races and anti-vocations.

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