This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

This Dark Age is now available in paperback on Amazon. The print version is MUCH cleaner than this online version, which is largely unedited and has fallen by the wayside as the project has grown. If you’ve appreciated my writing, please consider leaving a review on the relevant paperback volumes. The print edition also includes new sections (Military History, War Psychology, Dogmatic Theology).

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The Void

Buddhism is sometimes accused of skepticism or nihilism and part of this is due to a superficial understanding of its terminology. It speaks of Sunya, ‘the void’, and the non-existence of beings, but by this it is not meant that nothing is, but that nothing is of itself, but, in comparison with the Absolute, the root of all being, only a relative and ‘dependent’ existence is possible, and once this position is acknowledged it becomes legitimate to speak of the unreality of things for the sake of escaping the seduction of the illusions of the world.

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