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The wheel as the hierarchical representation of Islam

Having mentioned Sufism, we are now in a position to understand the hierarchical structure of Islam as presented by its sages. This representation is based on three levels:

Shariah: the law of practice.

Tariqah: the path of spiritual realization.

Haquiqah: the Divine Truth, source and origin of the previous two.

The relationship between these three hierarchical elements is based on the image of the wheel. The center of the wheel, around which everything else pivots and which gives stability to everything, is the Divine Truth, Haqiqah, God Himself. The circumference of the wheel, its outermost part, is composed of individual Muslims practicing the Shariah, the life of the faith. The spokes which connect the Shariah  to Haqiqah, permitting passage from the exterior to the interior, are the spiritual paths, the Tariqah, which came to be identified with the Sufi orders.

This symbolism integrates Muslims of all levels: those who are envisaged as mere participants carrying out the Divine Law (and there is no degradation in this station), those who make further progress along the spiritual path, and then the final destination of all: the Divine Truth at the center of everything.

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