This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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The Yogi

The Yogi is one who has realized perfect union. We should admit, then, that this is not a term that can be applied to one who commits himself to the study of Yoga alone, which does not reach into metaphysics itself, but only to the level of Ishwara. Such an admission is not an insult to the darshana, however, but is again a result of the proper order of things, and the open-endedness of each darshana is able to account for it in an acceptable way, without implying contradiction or error. The Yogi is defined not by any external display of ‘powers,’ which will be dealt with in their turn due to the susceptibility of Westerners to become mesmerized by such things; on the contrary, the true Yogi is simply one who possesses the highest possibilities within himself, and has brought them to their fullest development. As for the ‘supernatural’ powers (siddhis or vibhutis) sometimes seen in these cases, they should not be taken as necessary, nor given undue importance.

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