This Dark Age

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By Daniel Schwindt

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Theosis and the Logos

The doctrine of the Logos as it pertains to mystical union can be diagramed as follows:

—“Beyond Being” (Divine Essence, Supra-Personal God)

God (the Uncreated)

—“Being” (Personal God, Creator, Judge) – Uncreated Logos

—Jesus Christ as God-man, Logos as bridge

—man as Prophet, personifying truth and virtue, “Universal Man”—Created Logos

man (the created)

—fallen, individual man

This serves to demonstrate the predicament of man in terms of his separation from God, and the degrees of separation themselves, as well as the position of Christ and his two natures—created and uncreated.

Man must proceed first from his status as fallen to that of regenerated man, at which point he becomes born again as Prophet and as a participant in the created Logos. From this point, however, in order to truly achieve salvation and ultimately the deifying union of theosis, a transfiguration must occur which would move him from the created to the uncreated. This bridge is Christ, who is both uncreated and created Logos. It is this bridge that can take man into the uncreated and to God.

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