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By Daniel Schwindt

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Theotokos and the erotic element in religion and myth

We may in passing remark that the Mother of God, wherever the doctrine is found, is the symbolic expression of precisely this question of receptivity for the sake of eternal life. We must say, on behalf of the soul, ‘thy will be done’, and only then can the seed of the Christ-life germinate and grow, and through us, enter into the world. That is to say, only then can Christ be born into the world through our person, in imitation of Mary, the archetype of spiritual receptivity. And now we can also understand the erotic imagery of the Christian and other doctrines. Marriage in its consummation is an initiatic death and an ‘integration,’ and this is precisely the process by which Christ comes to wed the self and in doing so integrate it and ‘make it real.’ In the words of the Aitareya Aranyaka (II.3.7):

“This Self gives itself to that self, and that self to this Self; they become one another; with the one form he (in whom this marriage has been consummated) is unified with yonder world, and with the other united to this world.”

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