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By Daniel Schwindt

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Theotokos—Mother of God

Mary has been ‘Mother of God,’ Theotokos, since 431 AD, at the Council of Ephesus. The official explanation for this title is simple: Mary was the mother of Christ, who was God, and so Mary is called the Mother of God. Yet this explanation is purely logical, which is to say it does not satisfy us in the least, nor has it ever proven satisfactory to bulk of the faithful who, by and large, proceed by intuition to elaborate upon this purely logical explanation in order to plumb what seems to be an inexhaustible treasury of mystical meaning.

Again, this is why we must adopt a liturgical approach to the investigation of this mystery, rather than a speculative one, since only the former has demonstrated the kind of intuitive sensitivity that is needed in order to gain access to the order of knowledge we have in mind—the order of gnosis.

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