This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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There is no neutrality

Having come to understand how evil communicates itself, we can no longer ignore our situation: the moral struggle is already commenced, and we find ourselves thrust into the middle of it. We are either permitting the propagation of evil throughout society, or else we are resisting it via all permissible means.

This is the human experience unless we have blinded ourselves to it. To be human is to engage in a moral confrontation.

Even minimally sensitive people know that it is impossible not experience evil when it presents itself before us. We cannot help but feel ourselves somehow involved in the atrocities we witness, even when we are assured that they are ‘none of our business’ or when popular ideologies tell us that these people ‘are not hurting anyone’. We sense the lie and that part of us urges us to act, and it takes a great deal of training to override that impulse.

Evil beckons, solicits, and demands affirmation or rejection. Once the anthropological truth about good and evil is known, there is no neutrality.

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