This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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This is not a defense for current forms of compulsion

It should be obvious from what we’ve written in other sections of this manual that we do not approve of the values pursued by modern civilization. We are not convinced by all of the rhetoric about rights that is not counterbalanced by an interest in the rights of God. Nor can we condone the unqualified pursuit of liberty when it is denied that the only freedom that matters is freedom from sin.

We are outlining a theory of resistance to evil that cannot be easily reconciled with the institutions of contemporary society, and so our argument should not be misconstrued as a defense for the justice system as it stands, not to mention any of the other forms of compulsion utilized by the modern state for its ends. If we admit that compulsion on the part of the community is in principle legitimate, this does not mean that we condone ‘the draft’ which in the current sense amounts to total bodily authority over every citizen for whatever purpose and for an indeterminate period of time. Nor do we condone compulsory participation in an educational system that is propagandistic and atheistic. As for prison, if we proclaim that it is, in principle, justified, this does not mean that we are supportive of the American prison industry. Our theory is offered as a way of appraising current ideologies and social systems, not as a justification for what they happen to be doing, even if there seems to be some superficial agreement.

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