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Three holy cities

The sacred geography of Islam revolves around three holy cites: Medina, Mecca, and Jerusalem.

Medina, the city of the prophet, has obvious significance as the first Islamic community.

Mecca’s significance is also obvious, being the birthplace of the Prophet as well as the destination of the Pilgrimage and the direction toward which Muslims face for their daily prayer.

Jerusalem’s significance is somewhat more complicated. It has obvious significance for its role in the Old Testament, which Islam accepts as valid. However, it has the added distinction of being the point of ascent for the Prophet’s Nocturnal Journey in which he was swept up to Heaven by way of Jerusalem. Originally the prayers of the Muslim community were performed while facing Jerusalem on only later was this changed, by divine order, to Mecca. Jerusalem is, finally, the site of eschatological events according to the Koran.

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