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Three Pitakas

Regardless of the canon (Tibet/Theravada/Mahayana), they all share a threefold division of their scriptures, and this provides the structure of the overall organization. This is called the ‘Tripitaka’ which organizes the three ‘baskets’ or Pitakas. These are:

  1. Vinaya Pitaka. This basket contains texts that regulate the discipline of the order. Etiquette, training, etc., to be followed by thesangha or ‘monastic community’.
  2. Sutta Pitaka. This basket contains all of the Nikayas or ‘sayings’ and discourses of the Buddha. For example, the Dhammapada is contained in the Pali Sutta Pitaka, and is the most well-known and frequently translated of Buddhist scriptures in the Western world.
  3. Adhidhamma Pitaka. This basket contains additional analysis, commentary, and explanation of teachings.

Rather than go further into these divisions, we will discuss the canons individually and remark on the differences in the Pitakas as they apply to each.

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