This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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To be oneself is to conform to God’s will and to know it

Liberty is in cooperation–or more accurately, real union–with the will of God. Do not trouble yourself, however, trying to ‘discern the will of God’ so that you can, by some discipline of the mind or effort of the will, conform yourself to it like some kind of mimic. I find it is much better to seek after self knowledge, to become your Self. Since this process of the ‘realization of the Self’ is really a process of unification with God, then it will naturally result in God’s will expressing itself through your own. In other words, do not search, do not rack your brain trying to figure out what God wills in this situation or that, but instead focus on making yourself ready to act as a conduit for God’s will. Free yourself of attachments, die to self, become receptive, prepare, invite. You will find, in the end, that it worked in the reverse, and that instead of discerning God’s will as if it were some external thing, so that you could observe and then follow it, it ended up bubbling up from your own depths and pouring out into the world through your own acts and decisions, and at that point your love is God’s love, and no discernment is necessary.

Do not let pride hide from you the will of God. If your task is to mow the lawn, then that is the will of God for you on some level. Do not expect some revelation to come of it, and in fact if you are constantly trying to seek the ultimate profundity in every moment, you are guilty of having too high a view of your own capabilities. God is not under any such illusions about what you can handle and what you are prepared to receive. Just mow the lawn, and be at peace. And do not neglect these mundane tasks just because you wish that some more ‘meaningful’ task was yours instead. If you are tormented by such a desire, it is possible that you have some lofty calling that is being neglected, but it is also possible that you are so bloated with pride that you cannot see the value in performed the work proper to your condition and that would, in fact, render you great mental, physical, and spiritual benefit if you saw to it properly. We are so often caught up in trying to accomplish great things that God did not ask of us, while at the very same time neglecting the small things that He did ask of us.

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