This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

To find oneself is to become a saint

If we define the saint as the created being that gives glory to God by maintaining complete conformity to the Divine Will, then the birds of the sky are saints, as are the blades of grass underfoot. Of course, they could not do otherwise, and because men can do otherwise, we give glory to the saints of men, and rightly so. But we must remember that the the essential Holiness of the Saint, which comes from his conformity to God’s Will, is a holiness shared, albeit in an inferior way, with all lower beings.

Man is the only being that is given to choice of becoming more or less real, the choice of becoming Absolutely real, or of surrendering his reality entirely. To put it another way, man is the only being who is asked to participate in the development of his own reality–not that he gets to create it, but that he is asked to co-create it. This is called “working out our salvation” because to find one’s identity in God is the same as to find salvation.

Remember that the self which you are asked to co-create is not invented but discovered, bit by bit, and some of its hidden truth is present in every moment of your life, and every moment you either seize upon it and realize it, making it your own and moving the work toward its grand completion, or you seize upon something else, or you do nothing at all, and you wither away.

You cannot see the self you are to become until you have become that self. It is not some goal you see clearly and chase after, but rather that masterwork you craft in yourself through an intuitive obedience to the spirit. At one and the same time, you do not know what you are building but you know with an absolute certitude that it is good because it is not a child of your imagination, but is a child of God whom you nurture.

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