This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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To identify with the false self is to avoid encountering God

God is seeking us in every moment, asking us to realize what we are, and who we are, so that we might be what we ought to be. Yet we are always trying to answer to another name that is not ours and to adopt an artificial identity, a false self.

To the extent that we have chosen to identify with our false, superficial selves, we will dread God’s calls to awakening, because that awakening implies the destruction of the ‘dream’ we have constructed for ourselves. We prefer this dream to reality because we think that our control over it is what makes it ours. We think we have built our superficial self according to our own free wills. But just like the dream, there this self we build is not only largely constructed by forces beyond our control and therefore without any free choice on our parts, but it is also not real and must, of necessity, dissolve back into nothing when the time comes.

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