This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Two perfections

We can summarize what has been said by describing jnana (knowledge) and bhakti (love) as two perfections, and they should not be imagined to be comparable to what in contemporary psychology are called “personality types.” These are spiritual types that result in two fairy distinct vocations or paths, and each individual will find himself “called” toward one more than the other, although the two frequently intersect. Due to the intermingling of jnanabhakti across what is really a spectrum of subtypes in mankind, we find a diversity that is complex than the fundamental pair. When a traditional civilization focuses on these distinctions with a view toward providing each man a means of realizing himself within his vocation and according to his spiritual type, the result is a hierarchically order society of types, which are called castes. This last subject will be taken up alongside our sections on Hinduism, since caste, although universal in principle, has received its most detailed elaboration in that tradition.

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