This Dark Age

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By Daniel Schwindt

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Unity unrealizable externally

Due to what we’ve already said–that the essence of things is only visible to a few and to the rest accessible only via belief, which is to say via passive participation in a religious form–it should be clear that the unity of religions cannot be ‘demonstrated’ to all, which is to say on the level of the diverse forms themselves. If they could all be reconciled and unified, that would call into question their purpose for existing. That is why I won’t waste time trying to resolve the antagonisms between the religions, at least not in their own terms and certainly not on their own level, because that is impossible. They can only be transcended, and this is why we speak of the ‘transcendent unity’ of religions and not of ecumenism, which should be rejected as contrary to the Will of God, since He established these religions not by chance but by Revelation, proving that each has their place and purpose and they should under no circumstances ‘forget their differences’.

What is most important to me is that you understand that each religion, even if they insist on one color in the spectrum of light to the exclusion, sometimes violent exclusion, of the others, they nonetheless manifest an aspect of the light and are therefore, as a logical necessity, capable of offering a path to transcendence, leading the believer into the presence of the one and only light, where color no longer matters. That is to say, each may use the ‘ray’ of a particular Revelation to ascend via the Intellect to the Divine source of all particularized lights.

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