This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

We are all exoterists to a degree

From a certain point of view we can say that every man is an exoterist insofar as he has not attained to total knowledge, and on esoterist insofar as he makes progress toward the inner meaning of things. When we speak, then, of the ‘exoterist’ vs. the ‘esoterist,’ by the latter we are referring to the ‘conscious exoterist’ who knows that he has a path to travel and that there is an exterior meaning beyond which is a hidden mystery; and when we speak of ‘exoterists’ what we mean are those who, on the contrary, deny that there is anything beyond the exterior and therefore remain at a certain level. An example of a truly exoteric believer would be those in Christianity who insist on the notion of a strictly literal interpretation of Scripture, and abhor any reference to symbolical or analogical hermeneutics.

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