This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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We receive and we are the Truth

We have mentioned already the disconnect between Thomist epistemology and the traditional doctrine regarding knowledge. At root this represents a failure to synthesize antimonies, which is the plague of rationalistic schools of thought. The light of the Intellect is natural to man but its present is not constant because it is of the same order as that “spirit that blows where it listeth” and cannot be controlled or predicted or manipulated. Thus, the apprehension of spiritual truths are, as Aquinas would have it, a matter of grace and in this respect they have the appearance of a superadded “gift” that man receives; but this capacity to receive the Truth and, by receiving it to be the truth, is proof that this power is “supernaturally natural” to man. The presence of the Light in the mind of man is subject to fluctuation and can be rejected or accept to our own detriment or development, but this does not mean that its presence is not as “normal” as breathing is to the body.

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