This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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What contemplation is

Contemplation is an experience of awareness, specifically an awareness of the One Reality, of the Source of our Being, and of intimate contact with this source. It is an awareness of the ultimate identity between ourselves and the Source of our being–which is to say, as much as it displeases some, the identity between ourselves and God–and this is why the terms used by the most advanced mystics to describe their experiences are drawn from conjugal language: ejaculatory prayer that leads to an “infusion” of ecstatic prayer. A touch, a caress. After all, is Christ not God and Bridegroom, and is it not the groom’s purpose to join in union with his bride, the church, and not only “symbolically” but physically? And if this is all in a mystically sense, then we are speaking of a true mystical union of things that were separated. Contemplation is thus an awareness of Christ in ourselves, and therefore an awareness of the Truth that we are none of than He, and that we only become ourselves when the husk, the old superficial ego-self is shed and the truth Self, the Christ-Self, lives through us and we become nothing other than it. This is contemplation, or at any rate its fruition.

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