This Dark Age

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By Daniel Schwindt

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What esoterism is not

Perhaps the primary warning with regard to esoterism would be this: esoterism is the seeking out of the inner meaning of a revelation, meaning that it cannot be transformed into a means of escaping from dependence on this same revelation. Every actual esoterism, formal or otherwise, is situation in the framework of a religion, and every attempt to form a society based on ‘pure esoterism’ has failed, and could not but fail.

To be an esoterist is to be a seeker. The esoteric is in perpetual conversion toward the inner, and this conversion is the true conversion that leads in and through a particular religion, not above and beyond. Esoterism does not aim and the empty air above the Tabernacle, but rather to enter into it by passing through the outer rooms and dwelling inside the temple—and every temple is the construction of a particular faith.

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