This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

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Who has seen me has seen the Father

The subordination of esoterism to Revelation is exemplified in the words of Christ: ‘Who has seen me has seen the Father,’ and ‘No one cometh to the Father but by me.’ In other words, one does not see God directly, for the result of this is death—or perhaps we should say that the requirement in order to attain to this vision is a departure from the human state. But one may behold the Father in the Son of Man who has been Revealed to us and opens the door through which we might pass. We must, of course, have a sense of the universal in order to perceive the Father in the Son, and this is the same ‘perception of universality’ that we encounter in esoterism and which is perhaps its essence, but it is through the Son that the Father must be perceived, which is to say, through the Revelation which bridges the gap.

In other words, we cannot set aside revealed forms as if we were better than them and preferred to go ‘right to the source,’ for there is no possible way to get there except via the revealed forms. Nor is it safe or true to write them off a concession to the weakness of those individuals who limit themselves to an exoteric perspective: religion does accomplish this concession, of course, but that is a matter of pedagogy and it is absurd to reduce religious forms to that as if that were their only purpose, and that they can be done away with by those who have chosen the esoteric way instead. Religion is an esoteric way or it is nothing at all, even if it also permits the passive participation of the mass of believers who remain at an exoteric point of view.

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