This Dark Age

A manual for life in the modern world.

By Daniel Schwindt

You cannot truly escape the effects of your environment

Never make the mistake of assuming that you are not, to some degree, a product of your environment. We are all subject to an indefinite number of conditions, and these all influence our development. Not completely, mind you, but in a very real way nonetheless. The trick is to identify where they help, and to embrace that help, while at the same time identifying how your environment has stunted or twisted your development, and work to overcome that damage. On the intellectual level, this means that no preference, no opinion, is solely the result of your own judgement. Your judgement was involved, I hope, but you exercised that judgement within a social context and on the basis of a limited set of life experiences combined with the conceptual framework that has been imparted to you as a result of innumerable decisions and psychological pressures. You are not completely conditioned, but you are positioned within a specific hermeneutic site and this will dictate your perspective.

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